The Irish Princess and the Pearls of Eetanam - kindle ebook by Jamie Scheid

All seems quaint and serene in the beautiful Emerald Isle, but alas, the Kingdom of Shaughnessy is confronted by a battle with the Vikings, an uprising of evil and an endless journey for one young woman to find her purpose.

Princess Cassidy Clarke is looking forward to her special thirteenth birthday celebration, but Queen Septani discloses a new quest for the princess that becomes the most challenging and influential time of her entire life.

Powerful pearls were secretly given away ten years ago and now the queen needs Princess Cassidy to locate them and make certain they are secure or the kingdom could be destroyed. The princess disguises herself as a peasant and lives among the villagers searching for the pearls, but unbeknown to her, just past Everlost Forest, is an evil that grows stronger and closer as it too is on the hunt for the pearls.