The Lamb - Kindle ebook by E.B. Purtill

Kindle ebook

Have you ever wondered how Bathsheba must have felt?

The Lamb is a modern day retelling of the story of King David and Bathsheba.

Beth Urtz and her husband, Hamar, both work for Worldwide Strategic Outcomes, Inc., a private military service company, in an undisclosed location referred to as S.P. 4. Their work is central to their existence in S.P. 4 and both Beth and Hamar have little interaction with the community outside of WSO. Or so Beth thought...

After David Kingsley, the CEO of WSO, makes a surprise visit to the S.P. 4 office, Beth and Hamar’s lives are turned upside down. While Beth struggles through a crisis of conscience, Hamar is thrown into the line of fire. Will Hamar have to pay the ultimate price for Beth’s sins?

The Lamb explores the themes of power, control, isolation and the east-west divide. It is a riveting tale of truth and deception, of difficult and unlikely love. A penetrating story of psychological surprises and unexpected developments.

One reviewer describes Beth, the protagonist - “...Beth is a bright sophisticated character with depth and real emotion. She is a successful and powerful woman, but even in the cutthroat world of corporate lawyers and military for hire; Beth retains a beautiful feminine essence. This is not something you often see with modern romance heroines..."