Promethea - Kindle ebook by M. M. Abougabal

An inexplicable heist had cast its shadows on the magnificent Austrian city of Vienna, leaving its local authorities, and their failed security measures, in shambles… One of Europe’s most fabled relics, in one of its most secured museums, had just been stolen in an arrogant, deliberate tour de force with no evidence at hand.

Yet this was not exactly the first time where the alluring Holy Spear was in danger… as Christianity’s most sought-after artefact, it had always garnered the attention of both the spiritual and the occult.

Could the legends around the spear be considered ultimate truths? Or is there a hidden, even more sinister plot at hand? These are the questions two Interpol agents would have to face, as one suffers from a traumatizing loss and puts an already weakened faith to the ultimate test.