The Wannabe Author - kindle eBook by Mary Papas

The character in this short story works at an office, writing reports that she hates, working with colleagues she hates, for a boss she also hates. What she really wants to do is write a novel and she tries to do that during her work hours at the office. She thinks she has all it takes and everything will be fine. She will be a best-selling author, because it is meant to be and nothing will stand in her way!

She ends up making one mistake after another without realizing it. Even when she starts realizing it, she still cannot admit it to herself, so she keeps walking in that destructive path. Social media, proofreading, creative writing courses, covers, photography...she thinks she has them  all figured out, but she doesn't.

 A funny short story, written in a Bridget Jone's diary format, about new authors and all the things that can go wrong in the beginning.  Through the character in the story, The Wannabe Author,  and her journey, I tried to show in a funny way all the mistakes a new, aspiring author can make and how they can harm him.
New authors will hopefully learn to avoid these mistakes and readers will hopefully learn how hard  the life of an author can be. And hopefully, they will also laugh a lot in the process!

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