Bait - kindle ebook by Kasi Blake

Reviews from reader at Amazon:  What a bittersweet treat of a read. Bait started off with a shiver and sucked me right in the moment the reaper appeared in the dead of night. The world building is wonderful and the development of the characters right up my alley. The writing is clean and a pleasure to follow.

Adventure! Teen-appropriate romance! Paranormal activity! Mystery! Drama! This book and series covers so much ground it is hard to tell you without ruining it. I highly recommend for YA and parents too.

Enjoyable. Plot kept me coming back to see what would happen next. Interesting, with a twist of humor. Easy to read.

Reviews from reader on Goodreads: Can I just say that K.C. Blake has done it again. She has pulled off another story that flowed flawless and had so many toss and turns that I could not just sit there and not scream and yell at my kindle. Lord I was like a crazy woman on crank because this story has it all from ghosts to reapers to vampires and OMG the biggest surprise was that the main female character is a relative of someone I love Van Helsing.

Bait is an excellent introduction to a new YA paranormal series. It has action, suspense, well developed characters, monsters that really do hide in closets, a possibly world-ending prophecy, and a little romance.

I was really impressed with this book. It has a lot of twists and turns that keep you guessing. Puts an unexpected twist to the Van Helsing stories. Bay-Lee and Nick make the perfect couple with their love, love, hate relationship. This was an intense book for me that I did not want to put down.

Summary:  Bait follows Bay-Lee Van Helsing as she joins her father at his school, an exclusive training ground for hunters.  Tragedy has led her here, and she's determined to slaughter the werewolf pack responsible for her mother's death.  She tries to stay focused on the task at hand.  Hard to do when a sexy hunter with jungle green eyes becomes her biggest obstacle.  He refuses to mentor her, but she needs him on her side.  For some reason, Nick Gallos hates her on sight and insists she ruined his life even though she's sure they've never met prior to this.  Can she change his mind about her?  Falling in love is the last thing on her mind... until she meets him.  Now what is she going to do?  Will she have to choose between him and revenge?
Bait is an action-packed paranormal read with romance, suspense, and a touch of humor.  You will find monsters you know like werewolves and ghosts.  But there are also some you may not be familiar with like reapers.  Then there is one entirely made up by the author, and it is called a border monster.   This is the first in a series, followed by Hunter.  Warrior will be released this July.

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