City of Adventure - Kindle EBook by Mary Elizabeth Ramanciauskas

In life, the line between fantasy and reality blurs a little at times, especially when we are children . . . somehow, it was much easier then to step over into the other side.  And how wonderful it was to be there!  So, to the young, and the young at heart, and those tired ones who long to be young again, or who have never been young at all, this story will take you to that wonderful, magical realm!  Set in the beautiful and exciting city of Vancouver, City of Adventure  is a story of loss and betrayal, and the life and death struggle between good and evil, courage under fire, and true friendship in the end.  It features an unassuming young hero, and his friend and her sister, who, caught in a web of deceit, undertake a journey together throughout the city on a quest to find a mysterious Chinese gentleman who has disappeared under unusual and very suspicious circumstances.  Lose yourself in this beautifully written mystery-adventure story with real characters, involving shipwreck, search for lost treasure, nasty villains, magicians and more . . . City of Adventure is a book for all ages, but especially for we older children who long to be transported back to our childhoods where we can forget the world around us and all its trials and tribulations, and become young again!