Code Black - kindle ebook by Daniel Sink

The paramedic.  He shows up when you're sick or injured.  He sacrifices his own well-being for yours.  365 days a week and 24 hours a day he's ready.  In rain, snow, and sunshine he works to save your life.  When you look at him you see a flashy uniform and a smile.  He shows up in a shiny ambulance with flashing lights and state-of-the-art equipment.  He works long hours and doesn't see his family for days at a time.  He's a hero.

But what happens when a hero is pushed past his breaking point?  What happens when the man behind the uniform crosses the line?  What happens when he commits murder?
Chris Jacobs has it all.  He has a wife, son, and a good career, but the violent streets have taken their toll on him.  One night he makes a mistake and a patient dies.  A vindictive partner threatens to turn him in and he could lose everything he worked so hard for.  In the heat of anger he commits the ultimate sin.  He finds himself in a fight for his family, career, and freedom.