Extreme Liquidation - kindle ebook by Gary Starta

Extreme Liquidation - 5 star Super SCIFI Suspense $0.99 Kindle

What reviewers are saying:

Author Gary Starta always fulfills the promise of an intriguing, fast-paced, fun read. In Extreme Liquidation his main character Caitlin Diggs, an FBI agent with a very rational, investigative mind becomes emotionally charged and has begun to pull precognitive dreams and waking visions into her crime-solving arsenal, the result of touching a magical, but highly dangerous in the wrong hands, crystal.

She, her partner Deondra (a Hallee Berry look-alike), her psychic cat Celeste and her sister Tara are the main characters in a cast of fascinating characters that also includes the purple robed Master, the black suited Apprentice, DNA bound potions that provoke rage, lust, truth and are used not only with an intent to bring on End Times but to counter the villains, the prime villan being the deceased, evil magician Aleister Crowley who has entered and possessed the body of a high government official, looking to destroy humanity in order to initiate his own ascension to the realm of the gods.

Highly imaginative and very entertaining. Highly recommended.


I was never interested in Thrillers, until I got into this book. It kept me interested, the plot is fast moving, the characters are complex yet interesting and no amount of housework could get me to put this book down! I highly recommend this fantastic book!! BUY IT NOW!!!


I don't normally read thrillers/scifi, but found this to be a compelling mix of well-crafted genres wrapped up in skillful writing. What makes this book shine for me is the dialogue. And of course the cat. It goes right next to Dean Koontz on my shelf.


This book has been in my to-read queue for quite a while. I wish I had gotten to it sooner. I don't read a lot of science fiction, but this one really grabbed me and pulled me in. The two hours I spent reading it went by like a shot.
I was captivated by Mr. Starta's ability to weave together so many diverse plotlines into a cohesive whole. The storytelling is by turns dark, ironic, and occasionally humorous. In Agent Diggs, Mr. Starta gives us a heroine who, for all her psychic ability, is thoroughly human and believable. This was a very engaging, and thoroughly enjoyable read.
As I stated at the beginning of the review, I don't read a lot in the science fiction/supernatural genre, but I will definitely check out the further adventures of Agent Diggs.