OWE MY LOVE - kindle ebook by Alice Bramley

Don't you love zany stories about hidden identity? Lots of fun and shenanigans is what you'll discover when you read my latest romantic comedy 'OWE MY LOVE', subtitled 'How to Reform a Shopaholic'.

With ditsy Daisy Findlay doing her best to get buttoned up CPA Rafe Macrae to unwind and sidetrack him from his task of reforming her frivolous spending habit, the two of them are heading for a clash of wills. Both are soon caught up in a whirl as exhilarating as any eighthsome reel.

With Rafe's professional reputation on the line and threatened by notorious paparazzo Charlie N. Parker, you just know it's all going to explode before long. Let alone that Daisy in disguise has already discovered Rafe is one hot kisser and that they share dynamite chemistry. Except he doesn't know she's the tantalizing butterfly he met at Halloween. Thinking Daisy will be a bad influence on his three younger half-siblings, as their guardian he does his best to keep her away. When that proves impossible, he's forced to admit that warm-hearted Daisy is not the opposite of the staid, responsible kind of woman he needs in his life as he first believed. Rather, she's exactly the sort to bring delight and joy to them all.