Redemption - kindle ebook by Heather Gray

Redemption starts with a murder and ends with a marriage.  In between there's a horse named Mutiny who likes to eat hats, a prisoner who is tortured by being forced to bathe, a kidnapping, a posse chase, and more than a few stolen moments between Minnie and the town sheriff.

Minnie is accused of her husband's brutal murder.  With no one to defend her but not enough evidence to convict her, she has nowhere to go but home to Larkspur, Idaho Territory.  On her first day back, she skulks through the back alley and runs into the last person she ever expected to see.  Arthur Paulson -- Art to most people -- is all grown up and nothing like the awkward youth she went to school with all those years ago.  To top it off, he's now the town sheriff.

Secrets, half-truths, hidden agendas, and a haunting legacy follow Minnie to Idaho.  She finds that Art may be the only one she can trust.  He vows to protect her, but at what cost? Can he hold onto his job?  What about his heart?  Art is willing to pursue Minnie to the ends of the earth...even if she never returns his affection.

As Minnie's heart begins to heal from all its been through, she finds herself thinking about Art more and more.  She has a dream, though, and she's not willing to give it up.  If Minnie ever does fall in love again, she wants just one thing: to see fireworks when she kisses him.  Is Art the one?  Can he light up her night sky?