Spring Moon - Kindle eBook by Mary Ellen Courtney

From The Author of the Award Winning "Wild Nights"

It's not easy to juggle marriage, children, and the past, when the past just won't go away.

The reality of marriage was not what Hannah Spring had in mind when she blithely swapped rings with her husband, a man who was divorced so many years earlier that Hannah's only thought about his ex-wife was that she was annoyingly beautiful. But, she lived far far away, as did Hannah's former lover from a still perplexing, and never discussed, liaison.

Then things change for her husband's ex and his past crashes over their seawall and boils through the safe harbor of their present. It had never occurred to Hannah that his ex-wife could rip the Band-Aid off her history, much less endanger her life and limb.

Getting married takes a few minutes. Being married takes all the other minutes. "Spring Moon" is a humorous and poignant year of other minutes, in complicated times.

"Wild Nights," Mary Ellen Courtney's debut novel, won the 2013 Indie Excellence Award for Fiction & The Silver Medal 2013 Global eBook Award for Fiction

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