Storm of Arranon Fire and Ice - Kindle ebook by R E Sheahan

Storm of Arranon Fire and Ice is the second book in the Storm of Arranon series and winner of an Honorable Mention in the 2013 Writer’s Digest’s Self Published Book Awards.

Captain Erynn Yager believes the worst is behind her. The alien invasion crushed, she receives a second chance at life and love deep inside a hidden military base beneath a glacier- covered mountain on Arranon.

Her peaceful existence doesn’t last long. First love crumbles and Arranon is once again in danger, this time from the inside.

Jaer, her heart, her soul, her life, is torn from her when a ghost from his past returns, very much alive and seeking revenge.

Awakened by the violence of a failed alien invasion of Arranon, Dhoran, the evil sovereign of the underworld rises from death in spirit form, and possesses a human host. His intent to reign Arranon threatens to destroy every living thing on the surface.

Erynn enters the uncharted realm of Dhoran’s underworld searching for the answers to stop his path of destruction.

Taken prisoner by the underworld’s inhabitants, Erynn discovers danger, magic, beauty, and friendship in this extraordinary realm of tunnels and caverns. Desperate to return to the surface, Erynn faces challenges with courage and hope, realizing help awaits her in unexpected places.


"First of all, this is a gorgeous-looking book. The production on it is really professionally done, and it definitely does not look like a lot of self-published books. Awesome choice in artwork! What struck me right away and really set this apart from the other books in the contest is how well written it is. You drop us right into the action -- chapter after chapter -- and sprinkle in just enough details that we are SHOWN what we need to be shown so that we can experience the scenes right along with the characters, rather than being TOLD a lot of details and exposition, etc. Really well done! As well, your verbs remain active throughout, which makes for very clear, snappy writing." Writer's Digest's Judge from Self Published Book Awards 2013

“There is hardly any down time during this book where there isn't any action, adventure or some extreme emotion. I found myself deeply connected to the book, feeling every emotion that the characters were going through. They're extremely well written and I couldn't help but feel the pain and joy they felt too.”  Elizabeth Barbarick Stuffed Shelves

"Wow, what an enjoyable read. How the author managed to add so much more to this story is amazing. What a wonderful world, with new exciting areas; a whole new world underground. With new characters and characters from the first book that continue to grow and become even better. The new evil was interesting, with extra depth not always found in the "bad guy". Besides the main characters which I enjoyed all of them. Cace was awesome, his special skills were much needed and how that situation evolved was perfect. I'm hoping he will be in the next book, with more of the mixed children and there special abilities. I can't wait to see where the author takes this story. The twist with the romance was well done, it also adds to the story and doesn't over take it. I thought how Erynn reacted was believable and then how she figured out how to be more mature about it and not run from the situation but listen, was how an intelligent young person would react. Also, that she was able to let go of the drama and focus on what her special role was; excellent!"  Open Book Society dot com

R.E. Sheahan has written an action packed sequel that brings the reader closer to Erynn and Jaer, and the planets they call home. The intense connection between Erynn and Jaer, and to the heart of Arranon is amazing. The bravery, the loyalty, and the sacrifice that they are willing to make is tragically beautiful. Will they be able to stand up to Evil one more time?  Teen Blurb, Young Adult, New Adult, Adult

There's more danger, action, and suspense too. Erynn's determination to protect Arranon has made her mature and step up her game, keeping you so wrapped up in Fire and Ice. Dhoran's lust for power, to rule the world, is formidable. The many characters enrich the story and bring it all to life. The battles are intense, but not too graphic, and the romance is light, with no sexual scenes. I would recommend this to everyone. A wonderous continuance in the addictive story of Arranon and it's fate.  Laura Thomas FUONLYKNEW