The Blood Feud by Shelley Young

Detective Jesse Richards is facing the murder case of his career. With no leads and no clues, the case is quickly heading towards the cold files. Able to solve every case that came his way, from the beginning it's apparent that solving this one may cost him his life. A tall, African-American man with a formidable build, Jesse believes as long as he is the law, nothing can stop him from apprehending his guy. That is until he receives a lucky break. Or is? Could it be that the killer he's looking for is the Albanian whose stolen his daughter's heart? Just as he's getting close, Jesse realizes that instead of being the hunter he's now become the prey.  Not just by the killer he's looking for. An underworld organization known as The Association, along with most of the New York mafias classifies him as enemy number one. Can he save his daughter, his family, his career or should he walk away in order to live another day?

Padukshëm is a world-class killer. For fifteen years, no one has ever learned his identity and the underworld wants to keep it that way.  Why wouldn't they? For the right fee, any enemy can be eliminated. Padukshëm's ability to kill skillfully while leaving hardly any evidence at crime scenes has made settling underworld differences all too easy. After learning the nineteen-year old he's having a hot and steamy affair with is the daughter of the homicide detective investigating one of his kills, the men who's forced him to kill finally makes a fatal mistake. They knew what he was capable of, just how deadly he can be. Why give him a reason to make a kill list of his own? In a riveting battle of love and war, only one man can remain standing and there's little doubt that Padukshëm is that man.

A unique, fast-paced, thriller-suspense novel that will have you sitting at the edge of your chair. Men want to be Padukshëm. Enemies fear him. Women want to bed him. The highest-paid contract killer in American history. What does Padukshëm want? A reason to wake up each morning, and Aaliyah Richards becomes that reason. If they had come after him, he may have shown them mercy. Since they came after her, all of them will die screaming all the way to hell in The Blood Feud.