The Blooming Library - kindle ebook by Rubianne Wood

Free May 7-May 11, 2014-Normally only 99 cents.

The Blooming Library is volume one in my new series, 'Mystic Mysteries'.  Lily Crandell has tried to ignore her 'gift' all her life, but Fate won't have it. When she's hired as the librarian in Bayneville, Arkansas, she finds herself in the epicenter of paranormal activity. As the rose vines tangle around her, she has to unravel the mystery.

Mystic Mysteries is my newest project for Kindle.  It will be a series of novellas specifically designed for Kindle readers with original artwork by very talented Steven Dodson.  The first volume, 'The Blooming Library', is set to be for sale on Amazon by May 5th.

The series features Lily Crandell, librarian and psychic extraordinaire.  She, along with her brother, Dusty and a cast of colorful characters, investigate many supernatural happenings in the ghost infested town of Bayneville, Arkansas.  Several beta readers have described this story as 'Nancy Drew meets Scooby Doo'.  Possibly an apt description, yet these are definitely not for small children.