The Missing Letter: A Mail Order Bride Scandal - a historical romance kindle ebook by Christina Reid

The bond between sisters is unbreakable... at least until one of them devises a plan for love in an attempt to fool everyone.

Angela, Lizzy, and Marilyn are three orphans that have grown up together like sisters. While each of them has their own unique characteristics, they all are at the age of discovering love. Through their work at a boarding house in Boston, to elegant evenings spent on the ballroom dance floor, these girls combine the every day life of a servant, with the fantasy of being whisked away by a handsome young prince.

This story is set in the early 1900s and embraces all the excitement and romance that any young woman would dream of. With a side of mystery and deceit, The Missing Letter takes the reader on twists and turns as these three girls find their hopes and dreams of the future in the most unexpected places.

Will one of them succeed with a plan to fool everyone in plain site? Or will the Wilcox brothers of Hickory Falls come up with a plan to bring the truth out into the light?

A story with family friendly writing that is suitable to capture the imagination of teens and adults alike. And it just might transport your mind back to a simpler kind of life. No cell phones, no internet... just the interesting people you meet face to face that direct you on the path of life.

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