The Cougar - kindle ebook by Lisa Gabriel, LGBT paranormal fantasy novel

“An eloquent, heart-felt must read!” – Carl Hansen, author

Young tourist on vacation in British Columbia falls for mysterious older woman and gets more than she bargains for:

Beautiful woman by day, blood lusting cougar by night, Berenice is the guardian of an ancient knowledge. She has lived through many ages of man, a solitary creature who yearns for a love lost long ago. The Canadian forest provides a last safe refuge for Berenice and here she meets a tourist couple hoping to renew their fading marriage on a wilderness camping adventure...

Berenice came to me in a dream and demanded that I tell her story. A strikingly beautiful shapeshifter vampire, she was so compelling and fascinating that I sat down that very morning and began this Gothic tale made easier by a familiarity and love for the beautiful Canadian wilderness and some youthful experiences of survival camping.  I am usually a non-fiction writer, a musician and a poet, so a novel, let alone an LGBT paranormal romance, was a new venture for me but there are some stories that just have to be told and of course Berenice was very insistent. The Cougar is a complex tale with two unique sub plots and is woven in scenes that move between modern Canada and Renaissance Florence. “Love just is” is the philosophy I share with Berenice and as she is a bisexual vampire the reader can expect both lesbian and straight love scenes, there is also some mild bondage as you might expect from erotic fantasy.  As a Gothic romance in the old tradition there are elements of horror, violence, an unusual twist or two and a little suspense along the way.

“Descriptions of BC scenery are highly accurate and bring forth the beauty of the West Coast as can only be done by one who has seen it.”  Julie, BC

“Fabulous story of discovering love with all its many twists & turns. The author takes you on an imaginative journey that easily draws you along for the ride. A wonderful read.” Claire, BC

“Lisa Marie Gabriel's "The Cougar" is a beautifully written erotic, Gothic romance about the knowing and the need that drives us all. Lisa's beautiful, poetic and lyrical prose has us deeply feeling the loss and loneliness of this solitary creature. We feel the crisp forest air in our lungs, we see the beautiful forest, the crystal mountain lake and run off streams, we hear our footfall on the hiking path, we feel the pull of the paddle through crystal waters and the sweat on our backs, the streams trickle through the stream bed, and we smell the ancient cedars that perfume this paradise.”  Carl Hansen, Author