The Rebirth (Full Moon Legacy) - Kindle ebook by J.S. Thomas

What happens when a half werewolf half vampire falls in love with a human girl? Markus is about to find out! And what about the girl? Julia North was just your average college student until her mother allowed Chuck to move in with them. A lazy and abusive drunk, Chuck made Julia's life torture- and her mother's life hell. A chance encounter- well, she thought it was chance- introduced her to Markus.

He was everything that she could have wanted. He was handsome, smart, and there was a touch of mystery about him. She fell in love rather quickly, and rather deeply. The weird thing was everything seemed to be fine when she was with him. She did not worry much about classes and she did not worry about her mother- well, at least not as much.

The Rebirth (The Full Moon Legacy) is the first book which sets the tone for the Full Moon Legacy. Markus will forever be an outcast, but will Julia accept him for who he is? And will Chuck get out of the house and leave them to live in peace? These questions will be answered, but will lead to a life that neither of them ever expected to live. The Full Moon Legacy begins with The Rebirth! Romance, revenge, these books are anything but sugar and spice and everything nice