The Unknown - kindle ebook by Bryan Smith

The Unknown is a high-fantasy adventure following Spymaster Rion as he investigates the town of Lindlebrook situated within the Kingdom of Undelund. On his travels he meets a charming young woman named Myrsa who has a love of eating fruit, but a hatred of hedgehog pie or having to wear trousers.

Whilst most people in Undelund find Rion to be a somewhat unpredictable grump with a taste for shapely ladies and Myrsa to be a playful charmer, some eye the young lady with suspicion on account of her endearing beauty and her tendency to poke fun at the world around her. Such is the sweetness of her smile she inadvertently stirs a wandering minstrel into spontaneous song!

With the threat of being exiled or murdered echoing in their ears, Rion and Myrsa seek to uncover the truth behind events at Lindlebrook, and in doing so they enter into the unknown with only each other for support. They attempt to accomplish their mission whilst avoiding the more aggressive creatures that crawl, stomp, wriggle or swarm over the surface of Kalibra.

At first glance Rion and Myrsa make an unlikely pairing, but they soon find common ground and enjoy a great camaraderie which allows them to quickly build a friendship so strong that only death could break it...