"Undocumented Visitors in a Pirate Sea," Kindle ebook by Jeffrey Roswell McCord; a 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Award Quarter-Finalist


This is a quarter-finalist for the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in the Mystery-Thriller genre.  Although based largely upon fact, this fictional tale begins with a dead Marine washing ashore on a Caribbean island.  The body leads investigators to phenomenal perpetrators in historic pirate waters and high level abuses in Washington.  An intrepid maritime historian works the case for U.S. Naval Intelligence and uncovers a 60-year record of UFO activity in the Caribbean basin and gets much more than he bargained for in the process.

Some readers have said:

“The blending of copious information that is both historical and factual with vivid, imaginative characters of fiction that come to life in this close encounters sort of tale makes it impossible to tell where facts end and imagination begins. Nor does it matter because Mr. McCord weaves them like a master into a captivating and believable landscape.” -- Harry Chalmiers, Composer, Recording Artist and President, McNally Smith College of Music

“This book was amazingly well written and explored what could be a new genre entirely.  There is plenty of history in this book to satisfy even history buffs tied into all the action and adventure of a clandestine investigation into the unknown area of UFOs which also adds intrigue and suspense. Most SciFi lovers will [also] get a kick out of this book. . . . a genre bending gem”  -- Earicka’s “Good Reads” Review

“An entertaining page-turner” -- St. John Trade Winds newspaper

“Fun to read. If you are a mystery buff and have any interest in the Caribbean, UFOs and/or pirates, this will be just for you.” – George Lord, former Dean, University of the Virgin Islands