What Do You Think by Richard Gentle

Spiritually minded? Desiring to change aspects of your life? Need some encouragement?

What Do You Think? asks the reader just that. Because, what you think and how you emotionally interpret what you think, is fundamental to your success and well-being throughout your life.

What you choose to focus your thought on causes more of the same to show up in your experience. There is an old saying: "If you cannot change your situation, change your attitude!" For many people, this can seem like a critical and judgemental retort. However, it expresses a basic truth. Are you a person who feels crushed by adversity, or are you a person who manages a positive attitude towards setbacks in life?

How much do you really understand about your physical experience as a human on planet Earth? Do you enjoy the fun and adventure like a game, or do you just try to get through one day at a time as best you can?

Know that you have a choice to choose a better quality of life. So many people feel that life is just something that happens to them and that they have to deal with whatever arises! This is an often deep, but nevertheless false, belief that you can change. Life is meant to be happy and fun - so use this book to start living!

What Do You Think? is a book that you can read cover to cover or dip into. It is suitable for both adults and children to read and is intended to be helpful and thought-provoking.