What We Leave Behind - a story about love, kindle ebook by Matthew Alan


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What We Leave Behind - A story about struggle, a story of hope, and mostly, a story about love. A journey with a unique young girl who is so sure of what is out there waiting for her, that she never compromises her belief in finding it. Jane Rawley Solomon's humor, character, and passion for others, serve as a reminder that we choose our own path to happiness, regardless of the events that impact our lives.

I started writing this novel in 2009, after losing my remarkable dog, Rawley, to a bone tumor in a very emotional process. As the next year continued, my other canine companion of twelve years, Max, passed away from liver cancer. In that same period, a very dear coaching colleague - far too young to deal with her medical issues – passed away from cancer. Not to be a bearer of grief, as we all deal with these events in our lives, but from 2008-2012, I watched as my father battled pancreatic cancer, fighting with amazing resolve.

Though the characters are fictional, most of the story is based on true events, different elements happening to different individuals. Amidst so much loss and pain, it was easy to write the sad parts of this book. The trick was keeping the hope, the love, the fight, and the joy - that they all managed to hold onto - represented in my heroine, Jane.
Despite numerous challenges, I knew I wanted to push through and finish this work when a former teammate from college lost her struggle with cancer earlier this winter. This book’s dedication is for those people who struggle with illness and pain, and yet never lose their optimism or their love for others. I hope I do them - and through them, all of you - justice.

Fifty percent of the author's profits from the book sales of 'What We Leave Behind', will be split, and donated to the Ronald McDonald House charities (rmhc.org) and the ASPCA (aspca.org). In the names of my father - Will, Shelly and Lauren.

The reason I'm choosing these two charities are manifold, but knowing the individuals as I did, and understanding the benefits these charities provide for those in need, it makes perfect sense.

Anyone who appreciates the healing power of animals, will understand the ASPCA . And if the circumstances happen when long term care of a loved one is necessary - then you understand the financial burden incurred by traveling during these times. The support of family and friends becomes immeasurable during difficult times - and these amazing charities represent the ideals of the individuals this book is hoping to honor.

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