Wolver's Gold - ebook by Jacqueline Rhoades

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Like Jane Eyre, Rachel Kincaid has two beings inside of her. One is the socially correct and proper lady she was raised to be. The other is strong, capable and opinionated. The only difference in Rachel’s case is that the opinionated one is a wolf; so opinionated Rachel has shut the animal down and sent it to sleep for fifteen years. It was the only way Rachel could function in the Old West Town run by her pack as a tourist attraction. The Victorian life they show to the tourists doesn’t end with the closing of the gates.

Being a wolver, part human, part wolf, Rachel needs the security and support of a pack, but what happens when that security and support is no longer there? What happens when the Alpha, the leader of the pack, no longer provides the ties that bind the members together as a family? What happens when the pack hierarchy of dominance becomes so extreme, half the pack has become second class with no rights at all?

Rachel knows she’s unhappy, but sees little that can be done until a new sheriff arrives in Gold Gulch. Suddenly, her wolf is awake and demanding freedom. But freedom comes at a price and the cost for Rachel may be the love of her life.

Challenger McCall is a ‘fixer’, and his job is to prevent the discovery of the wolver species by the outside, human world. His job exposes him to the worst of wolver behavior, and while he’s good at what he does, he never gets to enjoy the benefits of what he leaves behind. Living his life as a lone wolf isn’t the adventure it once was. It’s wearing him down, but like Rachel, his sense of duty and loyalty to his kind prevents him from seeing a future that holds anything different.

Even after meeting the feisty redhead who runs the hotel and makes his wolf act like a pup, McCall knows he can’t stay in Gold Gulch. Pack comes first.

Together, along with other members of the pack, Rachel and McCall, embark on a journey to right the wrongs of Gold Gulch, but what they are doing amounts to treason and the price of treason is death.

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