Zymogen: Men of Renown - kindle ebook by Robin Mark Walker


A unique blend of alternative history, science fiction, and mythology with strong human depth.

Nephilim – unnatural creations that result from merges of genetic material between sacrificed humans and mysterious otherworldly visitors.  The most ancient people had more common names for them: gods, heroes, giants…

A young giantess is found unconscious in an ancient forest by Tool Age people who live in trees.  She is taken to their village and given the name Kotori by her adoptive mother.

Kotori quickly adapts to the way of life in the village, forming friendships and even romances.  But the strongest bond Kotori forms is with her mother, who acts of a voice of wisdom guiding her as she recovers from the nightmares of her unholy captors.

Though Kotori may not be human, she believes herself to be becoming one as she learns more about human relations an uncovers secrets about the pains and sorrows of her fellow villagers.

As these secrets are fully exposed, the village is threatened with violence from an all too familiar evil, and to protect her new home Kotori must embrace all of her inhumanity and transform herself into the secret that she fears most - the unearthly monster that she really is.

This novel is primarily about good-vs-evil, but pulls no punches as it shows how ugly evil truly is, while going to great pains to show the beauty of good.  A definite choice for anyone who wishes to think while reading.