A Letter to My Son - a novel by Robert Geoffrey


A heartfelt story of an older man looking back on his life and his desire to tell of his life's learnings - learnings that he knows to be true and have meaning.
Tom, a retired attorney, exchanged his busy, faster-paced Boston lifestyle for one of gentle, quiet, and peaceful reflection in Maine. His daily routine and habits, while dull and uninspiring, comfort him but he acknowledges that his life does not have meaning to anyone else. He wishes that he could spend his later years and his memories with his son - but that cannot be. Starting one summer in Maine Tom forges a friendship with a college student, William. During afternoons of fishing, walking and, later, a reflective voyage around the islands of the Caribbean Tom starts to share some of his experiences, understandings and misgivings – but mainly he expresses his life.
"A Letter to My Son” is a poignant story of life's lessons - that will make the reader pause to reflect. A wonderful story that will be appreciated by mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, brothers and sisters, young and old.