Cleo the cat and friends by Stephanie Vlahov

Cleo wandered into my life over fifteen years ago. She was the original crabby tabby, the scowling hiss monster that made dogs run.

She does not realize how famous she is..she just wants her canned food on time and her bed warm. Or else?
Being an author and artist, I took great delight in photographing her in her most vinegar state. Time and time again, I was told by family and friends that her photos needed to be shared.
The thought of pairing her picture-as a sort of thought bubble-with humorous scenarios occured to me.
As a student of human nature (Masters Degree in Psych and amateur sociologist), "Cleo the cat and friends-taking a swipe at politically correct parenting" was born.

The subtitle was born out of the need to parody that rare species of California bird (insert your own state)-the politically correct and ultra cool parent.
You see, I live in the California Bay Area. My reality is peppered with parents who spend $300 on a manicure for a three year old..or who argue for raising the minimum wage and then pay their nanny peanuts..
.who live in an organic, mulching, vegan, mulit-cultural morass of competition over whose kid is more "gifted" than the other. "Normal" is not allowed in this universe of sensitive and thinly veiled
insecurities. Everyone gets a trophy. 

The tasty little morsel of reality that I can wrap this up with is..these are all real parenting scenarios. The names have been changed to protect the innocent and..the faux chic facade.
I dedicate this book to that parent who is mortified as her toddler screams out in the middle of Whole Foods that she wants..Cheetohs!  Relax a little..Cleo won't tell.