Enlightened Relationships: Secrets to True Love and Happiness, a nonfiction relationship book by Joeel and Natalie Rivera


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Are you ready to finally experience true love & happiness?

...to have relationships that bring joy instead of drama?

Many people tell themselves that romantic love is a fantasy that only exists in the movies, and others obsess over fairytale romance that eventually leads to disappointment. It’s hard to believe in true love when so many relationships we see around us confirm our suspicions—that it is normal for relationships to leave us unfulfilled. But, ask yourself; do you want your relationships just to be “okay”?

Isn’t it time you stopped settling?

Welcome to the world of enlightened relationships. As a soul mate couple and relationship experts that have worked with thousands of couples, we can tell you WITHOUT A DOUBT that true love and happiness are not only possible, they are your destiny. Through this book, we reveal secrets and proven tools that you can easily apply to your own life to create the happy, loving relationships you truly desire.

Joeel A. Rivera, M.Ed. and Natalie Rivera have inspired tens of thousands of individuals, families, and couples through their coaching, teaching, speaking, writing, and programs for improving relationships. Joeel is also currently completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology, which focuses on creating happiness from within.