Four Pieces For Power: Book 1 of the Vendicatori by Marc Estes

Award winning writer Marc Estes brings history alive in this tale of power, greed, and suspense!

This novel is the first in the Vendicatori Series by Marc Estes. It explores the life of Andrew Correo, his family, and the future he has been given.But is it a blessing, or a curse?

As he competes in a global scavenger hunt against the greedy and vengeful, Robert Stavero, he discovers an inner strength that thrills, and sometimes terrifies, him.

With subplots and plot twists abound you will not be able to put this book down.

Praise for Four Pieces For Power:

 "A mysterious letter, good characters, lots of suspenseful moments and cliffhangers, romance, crime, murder, and of course a good archaeological search...a lot of shocking twists and turns...brilliant!"   -Elaine White author of Runaway Girl

"Anyone who enjoys Dan Brown's novels will quickly get immersed in this tale of hidden clues, secret organizations, and dangerous liaisons, all spread over three continents."
                                                             - Charles Huckelbury author

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