Patriot by A.S. Bond

PATRIOT Goes On Tour!

AS Bond will be stopping by to do some Q&A sessions and give interviews throughout the month of June. There will also be reviews, extracts from the novel and some news on Brooke Kinley's next adventure!

Tour Dates & Locations:

9th June The Crime Scene

10th June Bookish

13th June I Heart Reading

16th Deal Sharing Aunt

17th June Book Angles

20th June The Writer's Life

23rd June Jersey Girl Book Reviews

24th June The Top Shelf :

25th June

26th June

27th June

“UNSTOPPABLE thriller…I don’t believe I took a breath the entire time. As a thriller/political espionage aficionado, I rank PATRIOT in the pantheon of the BEST”
Mallory Anne-Marie Forbes, Mallory Heart Reviews

“A mind blowing novel …HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - A MUST READ” Bluefish

A high octane, fast paced adventure thriller that asks the question: What would YOU do for your country?

In Afghanistan, a US Army Patrol is devastated by an enemy with sophisticated weaponry, while in D.C., Pentagon staffer Scott Jenson tips off the ambitious young reporter Brooke Kinley about a billionaire businessman’s involvement in terrorism. But why is the White House determined to protect this businessman, and why does the answer seem to lie in the Canadian wilderness? In a dangerous journey to the remotest parts of the world, Brooke races to prevent a catastrophic attack on America, but can she uncover the real traitor?

When I sat down to write my adventure thriller Patriot and the old advice ‘write what you know’ came to mind, I realised what I knew was wilderness survival, bear encounters and cedarwood canoes.  The first in my new series  of ‘Brooke Kinley Adventures’, my novel is, in part, based on my own adventure of leading an award-winning canoe expedition in a remote part of Canada, where I travelled with just my First Nations guide through some of the harshest country in North America. My real-life adventure became a travel memoir, published by HarperCollins and then, several years later, the inspiration for the ‘action’ in my action adventure thriller. Like my heroine Brooke, I’ve also lived in Washington D.C. and worked as a journalist, but that’s a different story...

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