Frailty of Crystal, The Locket by Breta Swan

Frailty of Crystal. The Locket

A dark, sexy, and devious love story for paranormal fantasy fans looking for a whimsical twist on immortal love.

If you like flawed characters, meet Cora...

She has a reluctant Chihuahua as a familiar, a gorgeous and vulnerable neighbor as her only human friend, and a secret assignment in the Ticking Realm. And she's just recovering from a tragic relationship, which left her devastated. She's a sorceress who has learned the hard way that taking a mortal as a lover is a very bad idea.

If you like flawed characters, meet Justin...

" beautiful male sat before her, a windblown angel of a man who might have fallen from the skies above and drifted to earth like a snowflake…he smelled a bit like Geoff…”

When Cora meets Justin on a business flight, she finds him hauntingly familiar.  And irresistible.  So, she ignores her better judgment and surrenders to passion.

On the surface, they are just two strangers hooking up for one hot night.  But things are not what they seem.  Because Cora has secrets...deep and dreadful ones. And it turns out Justin may have a few disturbing ones of his own.

Frailty of Crystal, The Locket is the first volume in a new fantasy/paranormal romance series, the Ticking Realm Books.  You’ll find out early on that Cora isn’t your typical romance novel protagonist.  She certainly has her outward charms, but she is also troubled by inner secrets—those she keeps from others and maybe even some that she hides from herself.  In this first book, Cora meets Justin...the human who could be either her destruction or her salvation.