Key to Denial - kindle ebook by Carolyn Jenkins

Ellie Waters fled her old past married life in Iowa and moved into an old farmhouse in a small northern Florida town. Whether haunted or not she digs in and solves an old murder mystery and almost becomes the next victim in the process. Things get weird where she leasts expects it, in her country home with unexplained noises and objects rearranged, plus solving the mystery of a missing teenage girl. Nevertheless, Ellie is determined to stay: She fled one home, she's not about to be driven out again.

She loves her job, finding she learns as she goes. Ellie runs across some interesting characters while writing for the local newspaper: Matt the newspaperman, Jean the diner's owner/waitress, and Mr. Firth the jeweler. It's turn-of-the-century America, a place you would love to live.