Laurie's Time - kindle ebook by Maryann Jordan

Alpha males with heart and the strong, independent women they fall in love with.  A town full of wonderful secondary characters.  Life, love, friendship.  These are the stars of the Fairfield Series.

Laurie’s Time (Fairfield Series) is the story of Laurie and Rob, the elementary school teacher and the fireman who fall in love while battling family secrets, a fire at the school, and an illness that threatens to tear them apart.  This book is for readers who love alpha males, who always put their women first and the independent women who find that having a loving alpha male in their life is just what they needed.  Laurie’s Time is a stand-alone novel in a series.

I wrote Laurie’s Time in two months, but their story had been in my head for several years.  The first book in the series, Emma’s Home takes place after Laurie’s Time.  After writing Emma’s Home, I decided that one of the couples in that book needed their own story.  My readers love series that takes them on the journey of a new relationship, while re-visiting the old friends from the previous books.

  I wanted a unique title and a unique cover.  The cover is original, showing the town of Fairfield at the bottom and the loving couple at the top.

Laurie is looking for a place to settle down and call home, ready to start her adult life on her own.  She meets Rob, a town player who is ready to find the woman of his dreams.  Laurie is wary of his attentions, but Rob is determined to prove that he is worthy of her love.

As a high school counselor who has also worked in elementary schools, I knew how to write Laurie’s character and make it believable.  The hardest part of writing was Rob's character - I wanted him to be a take-charge alpha, without making him a seem insensitive.  My reviewers feel that I have accomplished that goal!

Laurie’s Time offers the perfect combination of sweet romance and hot sex.  Some books are filled with very long sex scenes that tend to run together and if there is not a good story, then the book seems rather pointless.  Laurie’s Time certainly has steamy scenes, but they support the story - they are not the focus of the story!