Nightlife Interrupted - A gamer vampire kindle ebook by Robert Hazelton

Nightlife Interrupted is a story about friendship, pop culture, a man’s desire for romance, blood cults and the end of the world. Demons use nightclubs to barter for souls, fairies carry guns, wizards hack movie streaming sites and vampires suck…necks. Supernatural creatures all belong to a group called ‘The Society’, a sort of organization keeping humans in the dark about the monsters all around them.

Vinny has the ultimate man cave. Theater, gaming tables, computers and consoles, Nightlife has it all and the customers know it. Night after night, he hangs with friends, role playing or watching illegally downloaded movies. Life couldn’t get much better or relaxed. Lazy employees and maintaining his graphic novel stock are the only real dilemmas he ever faces.

Of course, for every paradise there’s always a catch. In Vinny’s case, he’s a vampire with vivid dreams that just might be premonitions. His creator wasn’t a whole lot of help so he’s had to figure a lot of stuff out on his own. He had gone so far as to dismiss them as bad blood and too many late night horror movies until the subject of his night time fantasies sauntered into the shop.

Luckily, he’s got some backup. Ophelia Dupre, Society investigator, fairy and fellow gamer could very well help him out…if they could get over a few cultural differences. She’s got some troubles of her own but since Vinny’s latest dream seems to be heralding an apocalypse, everyone’s drama has to hit the backburner.

Can the two of them work together or has our fate been cruelly handed to the wrong duo?

Time to find out. Pick up a copy of Nightlife Interrupted today!

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