No Regrets, a Contemporary Romance with Suspense Elements by Susannah Gautier

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No Regrets is a novel about two people who once loved each other but were torn apart by circumstance and tragedy. Both steamy and emotional, No Regrets is a story that reflects real life and all it’s pain and passion.

Years ago in high school, Jamie and Aidan had the beginning of a promising relationship. However, Jamie had a secret life no one knew about, and she never talked about the grief and tragedy she was experiencing at the young age of fifteen. When the ultimate blow finally came, she left Seabrook alone and desolate, sent away to a place she would never forget.

Aidan was heart broken after Jamie left. Being young, he eventually went on with his life, but he never forgot Jamie. Tragedy struck his own life through the next decade. He lost so many people he loved, he became afraid to love again. By the time Jamie returns to Seabrook, he has grown mistrustful of people, cynical about love and accepts the fact that he will live his life a single man.

No Regrets is a story that deals with the experiences of life that can drag us down and keep us from loving again. I drew from the lives of friends and my own life and personal experiences. My nostalgia for a childhood home, the precarious world of dating, heartbreak, life choices, and the fears that often time keep us from loving again. Ultimately, No Regrets is a story about second chances and the redemptive power of love. It is a story about how we can make choices that will change out lives and become all we are born to be, regardless of how much our lives have been torn apart in the past. Jamie and Aidan show us that no matter the tragedies and sorrows we have endured, the power of love is the most healing power in the world. I hope you enjoy reading No Regrets and that you are uplifted by how Jamie and Aidan overcome all they have lost, and open their hearts to love each other once again.

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