Seduction Magic - kindle book Contemporary Paranormal Romance promotion by Susannah Gautier

Seduction Magic - kindle book Contemporary Paranormal Romance promotion by Susannah Gautier

Seduction Magic is the Prequel to my Dark Legends of the Underworld series.

It is the first book in the series. The actual underworld in the Dark Legends books took me years to create. During that time, vampires "went out" the Twilight Saga hit and vampires came back “in”. While the vampires came and went, I was building my Underworld of what would become the Dark Legend series. I built an entire mythology for this Underworld of Supernatural and mythical beings, which originated from the idea of creating a mythology behind the existence of vampires. This myth, morphed into the story of an ancient war between a group of Rogue Vampires and a nearly extinct race of Immortal Sorcerers. From my own mythology and bits and pieces of other legends, I created the Underworld in which my Supernatural and mythical beings live and die.

In Seduction Magic, the 1000-year-old prophecy the Three Mystics decreed are coming to life. It’s fulfillment means the rebirth the Amateris, a race of Immortal Sorcerers. The Death Demons are happily dominating the Underworld and don’t want the Amateris to rise again and rule the Underworld as they once did, so the old war that lay quietly dormant for several decades, now springs into full force once again.

There’s always a glitch though, isn’t there? Francesca, the future mother of the Genos, the savior of the Amateris, wants no part of the Underworld or the race of people whom she feels abandoned her. She will have to be convinced by the last living immortal royal of the Amateris, Raven, who can be seductively persuasive. It’s a steamy read in an intriguing Underworld of supernatural beings, who live unknown among us in the contemporary world.

As I begin to release the other books in the Dark Legend series, you will enter a world of more than just the average vampire and werewolf. There will be the Fae, Goblins, Selkies, Valkyries, good vampires, bad vampires, ambivalent werewolves, unique shifters, and other Underworld beings, which will be introduced as the series progresses. The Dark Legends’ Underworld is an entirely secret world, with cities veiled from contemporary society, with sorcerers who can control the elements of nature and mischievous Fae who are both protectors and arrogant tricksters. The stories are dark and funny, emotional and steamy, and a great escape from everyday life. I hope you enjoy reading Seduction Magic and come back for more of the Dark Legends Underworld. Sacred Bonds, book two in the Dark Legends series will be released mid July 2014.