Return To Violet - a mystery novel by Ron Mattos

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Imagine if someone offered you a fortune to solve a simple secret code. Would you try to solve it in your spare time or postpone everything in your life until you figured out the solution?

Brock Manion, a talented graphic artist living on the Southern California coast, is faced with just such a problem. After graduating from UCSD, his life is fueled by two dangerous passions—surfing big waves and racing a 300-mph jet dragster. Among the male members of his family, the courage to perform death-defying acts seemed to be genetic—something built into their DNA. The allure of danger led them to take risks for the sheer reward of an adrenalin rush. However, possessing an extra Y-chromosome does not provide the type of courage needed when confronted with a spiritual dilemma.

Return To Violet illuminates the power of forgiveness and reveals how it affects the hearts and lives of those who least expect it. The story provides readers with suspense, adventure, humor, passion—and perhaps even­­ a bit of enlightenment.


  “I just finished “Return to Violet” late last night, and I am in awe. I should have started by telling you that I almost NEVER read for pleasure- it has probably been 12 years since I just read a novel for entertainment. But I have to tell you, I was hooked from the very beginning. There were a lot of twists and turns that I did not see coming.”


“It is the first book I've read with rodeo, surfing, drag racing, Ginger Baker solos and Yogananda in the mix. At times the writing plods along but if you stay with it the story gets better and better with an interesting cast of characters who grow as the plot twists and turns.”


“This story had a little bit of every feeling that we go through. It is about friendships, family and strangers. There is excitement and times that are a little scary, because of the crazy characters that come in and out of the story. There are many life less to be taken away from the author, such as appreciating your life, family and friends. Knowing that what may seem important in the moment is really not and can rob you of a bigger picture. Never take anything for granted or become so self absorbed that you forget to look forward to see the impact that a quick decision can make on your life.
There are great characters created in the story that keep you wanting to find out what they will learn about life. Very well thought out and keeps you turning those pages.”

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