Swimming - kindle ebook by Enza Gandolfo

With Swimming, author Enza Gandolfo tells the provocative story of the writer Kate Wilks. Engaging and powerful this is a novel that explores betrayal, creativity,  lifelong friendship between women and unexpected childlessness.

The novel is a psychological journey through Kate’s life, the catalyst – a chance encounter with her ex-husband, Tom, a now famous artist.  Kate is in a new and loving relationship with a younger man but the meeting with Tom forces her to rethink her life. What is the impact of infertility on a marriage? What does it mean to be a woman that never has children?

Kate is a strong ocean swimmer and she brings to her life the same strength and power needed in the surface.

Novelist, Amanda Lohrey wrote: ‘Swimming is a charming and delicate work that very early establishes the weight and authority of voice . . . beautifully paced. There is a steady poise in the telling which I responded to, a mature sympathy that manifests in the writing as an impressive composure. All through there is a quiet conviction of tone, beautifully attuned to the moral and emotional complexities of the subject. The sea is a strong presence within the text…’

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