The Bed by Nikos Vlachos

THE BED-by Nikos Vlachos

Some of life’s most intimate and revealing moments take place in the bedroom. That’s certainly true for Chicago couple Joe and Sara Isaia. The Bed is the story of their life together, starting on their wedding night in 1983 and ending 60 years later in their old age. The bed itself is a restored antique. Joe’s wedding gift to Sara, the one constant in their lives. It symbolizes the durability of their relationship. The Bed creaks and sags, even groans, at times, but it never completely gives way. Self-described baby boomers, Joe's a starving artist, Sara’s a nurse. However, Joe does a lot of the nursing – nursing doubts about his talent as an artist until he finds his niche. In the bedroom on their first night as husband and wife, they experience the giddy after-effects of their expressed commitment and the champagne they drink to celebrate. Sara is direct, playfully wanting to know "the why." “Why did you marry me, Joe?” The answer is typical male: “Because you’re fun to watch movies with…” They say opposites attract, and not unlike other couples, they have their differences: She believes in the concept of soul mates; he doesn't. Scorpio Joe, believes in astrology, Taurus Sara, doesn't. He's more physical than romantic; she's the opposite. He gets demoralized and struggles with his faith; she remains steadfast in her belief that he will find artistic success and is the foundation of their marriage. By the time they reach middle age, the differences that once created intrigue in their relationship turns to mutual contempt. "I give this marriage a two, Joe!" A major rift nearly tears them apart. But their deep love – and as it turns out – mutual respect for each other cannot be so easily dismissed.