The Mazer - Kindle book by C.K. Nolan

The Island of Southernwood is a peaceful place. Its islanders are a happy lot, and its trees are no less content if the words on their leaves are anything to go by.

But all is not well on our island. At the Albatorium in Southernwood City, Legator Wystan finds himself ousted from power by his brother, Bassan; the trees are afflicted by a foul pestilence which brings the Southernwooders out onto the streets in protest; and Silva Leon, daughter of Zossimo, learns that the circumstances surrounding her father's mysterious disappearance twenty years ago are not as clear cut
as she'd always supposed.

So starts the story of The Mazer: a tale of an island and its people and
trees and the secret that binds them all together.

Meet Winifred the cook and savor her delicacies in the Albatorium
kitchen; watch Marchus, the archivist, flit from cabinet to cabinet in the family leaves library; and join Harold, the bell ringer - and general dogsbody - as he follows roots of glowing green in a tunnel that seems to lead nowhere.

Escape to the world of Southernwood - you'll never look at a tree in quite the same way ever again!

Readers young and old who enjoy the Chronicles of Narnia or The Secret Garden will love this book.