The sleepy little village called Foggybottom – a paranormal story by Frank Roberts

The sleepy little village called Foggybottom - David Morgan and his wife Kate, moved their family to the charming little New Jersey village with the quaint name, Foggybottom.   With David's love of local history, and being rather handy, it was quite natural for him to begin historical renovations to his wonderful old property.  He soon joined and helped to expand the membership of the villages historical society.  Along with other equally passionate members of the Historical society, the friendly group of neighbors soon began to restore many of their notable properties in the village.    Restoration fever had quickly caught on and the entire village was soon involved in planning an "Old Fashion 4th of July Celebration".

What they didn’t plan were the events that some former residents had in mind.

Come and join with the Foggybottom Historical Society where old buildings, small town life, long forgotten events,  friends and neighbors, both past and present  merge with the paranormal to write the history of today.  Enjoy The sleepy little village called Foggybottom where you may find it hard to separate the fiction from the truth, especially if you believe in spirits and love old buildings.