The Willow Pattern - Kindle Ebook by DeAnn Shelby - Victorian Era Historical Fiction with Love and Suspense

Did the dreams that I had of the qualities of the characters Darcy, Edward, and Peeta, among many other images of "true love" in literature speak to me to write a happy ending or a tragic one?  Follow the path of Emmaline and Lucas to find out what happens to innocence and love within the midst of a storm.

The shadow that looms in the dark has two names; tragedy and deceit.  Can the enduring love in "The Willow Pattern Series" conquer all? Will the secrets shatter the bond that has been secured?

Inspired by redeeming love, enraptured by suspense, let me take you on a journey to the small town of Chiseldon, England.

Imagine being a poor farm girl in the mid 1800's.  What would you dream about? Who would you want to marry?  Would you feel trapped in your life and status?

Desperately seeking a way out, Emmaline leaves her beloved family and travels to the Braunstone Estate to become a scullery maid.  Secretly hoping to find the same strong love that has touched her family for generations, Emmaline finds Lucas.  Young and innocent, Emmaline and Lucas secure a bond; a bond of true love and trust, but at what cost?

Unexpected discoveries from her family's past and the secrets held within the walls of the Braunstone Estate shadow their love.  Together, Emmaline and Lucas, must overcome the barriers of society as well as the secrets discovered.

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