The Witch of Leper Cove - kindle ebook by Deborah Bogen

In case you've been thinking about the various mega-corporations that influence our modern lives, here's a surprise. In the 13th century people had to think about that too.

In England "The Church" was a monolithic institution that affected the lives of --- well, everyone. Once Pope Honorius launched The Holy Inquisition even a sincere desire to think about and understand Church teachings became infected with fear. Holding beliefs that were contrary to the official religious doctrine was heresy, and the Inquisitors were ardent in their attempts to find it and stop it.

In The Witch of Leper Cove we don't find the knights and ladies who so often populate medieval novels, but rather rural England's common people caught in the crossfire of the ruthless and the ambitious.

When Alice, a simple healer in the village of Aldinoch, is charged with witchcraft, efforts to free her from the Inquisition's rat-infested dungeon are spearheaded by Lily, Edric and Wyllym, three orphaned siblings who have good reason to love her. As they enlist allies and make their plans they discover things about themselves, their neighbors and even the lepers from Leper Cove that leave them all changed forever.