Welcome to My Realm: Words of A Man Raised in an Urban Jungle, ebook by William Dennis


A child of the treacherous foster care system who beat the odds to become a corporate magnate, William Dennis has dismissed the notion that Black men are unable to show their proverbial scars. Eloquently using poetry to symbolically paint images of the Black man’s socially pervasive problems, he addresses concerns that many have tried to hide.

William Dennis will cause society to have an open discussion about the childhood scars that have manifested in adult Black men. In William Dennis’ book, Welcome to My Realm: Words of a Man Raised in an Urban Jungle, he provides fifty-one thought provoking poems based on his experiences that will provide readers with a gut-wrenching glimpse into the unspoken dwellings of Black men with the intent on fostering emotional growth.

One must purchase this book and see for themselves as words cannot describe the labor of love combined with audacious sincerity that is seen in each poem.

This is not just a statement; it is true! You can give this book to anyone you love. That means brother, sister, father, mother, friend, teacher or that little Black boy lost in a cycle of despair.

Welcome to My Realm: Words of a Man Raised in an Urban Jungle candidly educates us about the trials and tribulations of Black men and facilitates a discussion based on healing. Though William intentionally addresses Black men, the book of poetry can serve as a guide to any person regardless of race, sex or religion.