A Spark Of Magic Chosen Saga - kindle ebook by J.L.Clayton


Romance Readers Seduced by Sexy New Fantasy, A Spark of Magic

A mysterious male voice haunts Charlie’s dreams, seducing the teen in her dreams—and, eventually, her waking hours. This can’t be normal … but she doesn’t care.
 Young lust and a blurring of lines between fantasy and reality have readers breathlessly turning pages of the new fantasy/romance, A Spark of Magic: Chosen Saga Book One by author J. L. Clayton. The book is the first in a thrilling serious.
Charlize, a.k.a. Charlie, is moving again, to a new city, new school—new everything. Her family is always moving, but this time it’s not so bad. She’s turning 16, finally making friends and crushing on some seriously hot guys. Fortunately for Charlie, the aforementioned hot guys’ feelings seem mutual.
This period in Charlie’s life is the happiest the teen has been in a long time. There’s just one problem:  A seductive male voice is invading her dreams. What’s worse is that now it seems he is invading her waking hours as well! Once she learns why, the knowledge will blur the lines between reality and imagination. Charlie knows deep down that the feelings these dreams provoke, which consume her, cannot be normal. The sexy voice invading her dreams is compelling, hauntingly mesmerizing and overwhelmingly beautiful. Charlie doesn’t care if the dream voice is good or bad; she just wants to hear more. Now, she’s on a journey to discover who and what she really is—and why her family moves so frequently.

A Spark of Magic has received five-star ratings and reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads, including these anonymous Amazon and Barnes & Noble reader reviews:

“Absolutely Spellbinding JL gives us just a hint of what Charlie’s magic is to be. She kept me guessing about the source of her magic. ... This story is so full of action, surprises, twists and turns. I am a huge fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon, & Stephen King, and I’m telling you, JL is on her way to Super Novelist. Give this a read, I promise it’s worth it. Be prepared to be transported into another world.”

“I couldn’t ever figure out what was going to happen next. … I seriously can’t wait to read the next one. … I usually read Danielle Steel, James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks …”

“J.L. Clayton has me mesmerized and hooked into the life of a 16 year old. This book is interesting and keeps you rooting for so many different characters. Definitely a page turner!!!! Hurry up with Book 2!!”

Readers of romance will find themselves immersed in the characters and story of A Spark of Magic, breathless to learn what happens next.

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy/Romance/Coming of Age