Blood Drive - kindle ebook by Lane Hart

Blood Drive is FREE on Amazon July 3, 2014 - July 4, 2014

Where is the last place you'd think to look for a vampire? How about a blood bank? That's right, Sam has spent the last eight years drawing blood and stealing bags to avoid biting people. For years Sam has also avoided relationships, since his secret is not one that can be shared.

When Sam meets Kate he instantly falls for her, but there's a biological connection between Kate and the man Sam thought was his best friend, Chris.

Chris is not the brightest guy around. As a warlock he turned himself into a cat to hide from the D.R.A., the federal agency that hunts down supernatural beings. Chris failed to stir the counter-spell before his transition, therefore he has been stuck living as a cat for five years. He has been waiting for a witch or warlock to come around and help him get back to normal. Unfortunately, almost all supernatural beings are on the verge of extinction.

Kate just so happens to be what Sam and Chris both need. Now she will have to choose which one of them she wants. But Kate is dealing with more than just the problem of deciding if she wants the sexy vampire or the hot warlock. Kate finds out that she has her own secret which raises more questions about her unknown mother . Oh yeah, and Kate's dad just so happens to be one of those D.R.A. agents who is hunting supernaturals to extinction.