Hope in the Rain - Kindle ebook by Sandy Sinnett


Laci loves the rain, and living in the PacificNorthwest, there is MUCH to love. She believesthat good things happen either during, or after the rain; but lately, she’s hada hard time finding the good in anything. Since her husband’s death a few years ago, her life now revolves aroundher four kids and her job. Being aforty-something single mom, her social life falls somewhere between yard workand sleep – nowhere near the Top 10 list.

After a relaxing summer vacation in her hometown,the kids stay behind with their grandparents a little longer and Laci boards aflight back home. The last thing she ever expected, was the handsome,North Carolina gentleman that sat down right beside her.

Mitch is a new winery owner and also a widower, andthat four hour flight led to a layover that would eventually change both oftheir lives forever. Overnight, a southernromance blooms, but Laci’s life takes a sudden unexpected turn, and she’s facedwith the decision to keep Mitch’s love in her life, or let him go to save himfrom suffering the same pain from his past.

Laci starts to lose hopein life and love…until it rains.