Little Book: Fateweaver - kindle ebook by W.S. Montgomery

'Fateweaver', the first of the Little Book trilogy tells the wondurous tale of a girl who can read where none have been able to before her. Whose passion for literature will take her on a journey more fantastical than anything she has read before and more plunge her into dangers more terrifying than her most dreadful nightmares.

Charity Walters was an almost ordinary thirteen year-old. She enjoyed reading, perhaps a little too much and generally avoided outdoor activities but recently strange things have begun happening to her. She has started finding messages written to her in her beloved books, messages that are only sometimes there. Some of these messages can even predict the future.

One night however Charity's life is changed forever as she is transported to a land called Thea. A land where books are coveted and prized above all else for in this land a book is capable of holding much more than mere words, a book can be bound to your very soul.

All is not well however in Thea, dark figures stalk the lands, prominent leaders are disappearing, civil unrest is growing and whispers of a long lost treasure known only as 'Fateweaver' has its inhabitants in uproar.

And so Charity begins her journey into this strange and fantastical land, little does she know however that there is far more to her than meets the eye, as the old saying goes:

“One should never judge a book by its cover.”