Mrs. Wagstaff: The Wicked Widow of Waverly Way - kindle ebook by Tabitha Tikkle

Just how did Jane Marlow become Mrs. Harold Wagstaff, the "wicked widow of Waverly Way?"  Well, it happened when she applied for the position as his secretary.  Check out this scene from the book:

"Harold Wagstaff was taller than average, concluded Jane, although it was difficult to tell with him seated. He was leaning back in his leather chair, hands behind his head, smiling at her. He had a full head of silver hair and he was the most handsome man Jane had ever seen. She felt a sensation of melting starting in her feet, progressing rapidly to her groin.
“Miss Marlow,” said Mr. Wagstaff, “Your resume is impressive. I could hire you on the spot. However, this position requires more than just secretarial skills.”
Jane was flattered, but puzzled. What else? What did he need?
“Come here,” he requested. Jane tentatively moved toward the large desk. When she was directly in front of the desk, Harold Wagstaff stood up, a sly grin on his face. He was totally naked from the waist down. The shock of seeing her potential employer nude during a job interview was a surprise. But not the biggest surprise.
The biggest surprise was his dick––erect and visibly throbbing slightly, a dick that looked remarkably familiar to Jane.
“Oh, my God!” she cried. “You’re Old Reliable!”