Nanobite - kindle ebook by Neil McGowan

Nanobite. A novel of vampires and technology, where horror goes high-tech.

When a cyclist goes missing on a training ride on the east coast of Scotland, a chain of sinister events begins to unfold. Whilst coming to terms with a personal tragedy, Liam Baxter joins forces with Karen Nicholls to investigate a series of seemingly unrelated events that begin to point to a government-sponsored programme of genetic research at a nearby bioweapons development facility.
A rollercoaster ride follows as they try to stop the monstrous results of an experiment gone disastrously wrong, unleashing genetically modified vampires on an unsuspecting community.
A race against time follows as a small group of people try to stop the vampires from spreading. The ensuing chase leaves a swathe of death and destruction as the vampires become increasingly violent. Faster and more intelligent than their human adversaries, it appears that there is little the hunters can do to stop them. And they soon discover that there are worse things than death.
Set against the backdrop of contemporary Scotland and blending elements of science-fiction with horror to create a new take on vampires, Nanobite is a relentless, no-holds-barred ride through terror, with thrills from the opening pages through to the nightmare-ridden chase of the finale. Beware, for this is no Twilight…