Odd Disappearances - Kindle ebook by Karen Lewis

Free on Amazon July 24-26. http://www.amazon.co.uk/ODD-DISAPPEARANCES-Karen-Lewis-ebook/dp/B00LOP6GQ2

When a Jumbo jet suddenly disappears while on a routine flight, it leaves the fate of hundreds of passengers in limbo. There is no shortage of theories about what happened. Margo’s daughter was on the doomed flight, and as she scrambles to decipher truth from lies, what she uncovers is far worse than she deemed possible.

Amidst the dangers of war torn Afghanistan, an army officer finds himself irresistibly drawn to another soldier. The forbidden attraction shakes him to the core and plunges him into a bitter inner conflict. But the battle against these new and disturbing desires is not the only war he must fight. A patrol goes missing, under suspicious circumstances, while on routine surveillance. The subsequent media interest, and the shocking truth as it unfolds, challenges his belief system and rocks the comfortable world he grew up in.