Suddenly Destiny - Kindle e-Book by S. Miller - Romance Contemporary Fiction

Sophie’s life was not easy.When she lived in Brazil, she was given in servitude to an old and corrupted politician while she was still a very poor teenager. She was physically and psychologically tortured, and deprived of the most basic rights. She came to believe that she was never going to be loved, that she would never reach salvation, and that justice didn’t exist. After all that suffering, was something still capable of hurting her?

In the hot sands of Copacabana, she met Neal White. A seductive American willing to turn Sophie’s life and make an amazing new beginning, with all that she always wished, a fairy tale in another country. Until the day when it all fell apart and she met the man behind the mask, the cruel side, that destroyed all the happiness that she had regained. Neal was the big boss of a scheme in Miami involving drugs, death and a lot of money. He tried to take from Sophie what she most loved. However, Sophie was strong and she restarted once again to protect her biggest secret. But not everything is always what it seems…

Adam Collins was in her destiny. A British heir who turned with his own hands into a billionaire entrepreneur. An eccentric man and owner of his universe, that fell in love with the sweetness and the mystery involving Sophie while she was working as a stripper in the show house Shades in Red in Manhattan. They would never imagine that their lives would be marked in such a way and that destiny would change them forever. They surrendered themselves to an intense and prohibited passion. Adam would do anything for her. But how far should we go in the name of love?

Neal was obsessed with Sophie and would never allow the woman that once was his, to belong to another man. And the three lives crossed.They will found out that some mistakes can change your life forever.

A sexy, romantic, fun, intriguing and intense story, with erotic and sensuous scenes, and an involving plot filled with action and suspense at every chapter. Characters which could very easily be real. Seduction and elegance at every word which makes us think that love is a great punishment for desire. A smart romance that shows life how it is, perfect in its imperfection.The readers most certainly will ask for more, because when destiny crosses unlikely pats, it is impossible to resist. There are no limits or borders when passion is present in every kiss, every look, every touch and every word.

The story is a cliché? Maybe. But what would life be without the clichés that fulfill our souls and our hearts with emotions. Life is a cliché! Read with no judgments, no limits and no shame. The journey of a woman searching for happiness and a new beginning. Because this is life, so much can happen... Suddenly.

The first book of the Suddenly Trilogy.